After a number of bug reports that my Firefox extension wasn’t installing properly from the installation page at Mozilla Addons due to download corruption, I’ve finally tracked down the problem as best I can, and will try to elaborate on it later in this entry. But the real thing I’m writing about is that I just uploaded version 0.6 of the extension to the Addons site.

Though it is pending review by the Mozilla Addons people and likely won’t be visible for a month or so, I might as well say what it includes: localization support, and translations into Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, and both Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. The first four translations are courtesy of the Babelzilla Project, and the latter ones are my feeble attempt at trying to learn and use technical vocabulary in Chinese.

As far as the installation corruption problem goes, it’s actually because the hashcode for my extension that is stored in the Mozilla Addons database is wrong. In fact, as I pointed out in Mozilla Bug 345505, this erroneous hash code is the same for several extensions!